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Did you know that there are 8 miles of trails within the Preserve where horses are allowed? The pictures below were in taken by Shawn McCarren along the Edwin Leid and the PennDel Trails.

Trail users say:
“Nice, shaded trails for summer riding. Several horse-friendly bridges suitable for teaching greener horses.”

“Many great memories of riding the trails in the Preserve. Especially enjoy the shady walk along the creek.“

In addition to individual riders, you may also encounter horses and riders from the non-profit group “Reins for Life”. This group exclusively serves children and adults with disabilities. Horseback riding is used as therapy for both physical and mental challenges. (see for more information).

If you are interested in riding your horse in the White Clay Creek Preserve, pickup up a trail map to see where horses are welcomed.

Hints For Equestrian Trail Users:
– Stay on designated horse trails.
– Avoid riding on wet or soft trails, it damages the trails.
– Warn others (riders, bikers, or hikers) when passing.

Hints For Hikers/Bikers on horse trails:
– If you are approaching a rider(s) from behind, announce your presence, and don’t startle the horse or rider.
– Be sure you have your dog under control. Dogs are often excited by horses.
– Never approach a horse without the rider’s permission.